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Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

How to Be a Friend to Yourself and Others

Friendship is a privilege. Often times we find out who our friends are when things are tough. It's the people who stick by us, who guide us through rough waters, who inspire us when we are down that we count as friends.

"A Brother may not be a Friend,
but a Friend will always be a Brother."

Friendship is all about respect and you should not compromise on that on any point of time.

Interview with Phua Chu Kang

Down Down

ParkCity Hash Run Slide Show



Message From The Founder Of PARKCITY HASH

Dear All,

Thank you so much for those who supported our first run on the 28 July @ Desa ParkCity. It made us to completing the event so much more comprehensive and entertaining.

Words cannot explain the gratefulness I feel for the good support you all gave during the event. The best I can offer is this sincere expression of profound gratitude. Without the amazing support of YOU and many others, this event would not happen as anticipated.

Hashing is FUN

On On



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Nov 16, '08 Sunday Gathering @ J Lo's House

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday, December 21, 2008


KH4 Best Dancer of The Year, Blooming Florist

KH4 Best Hash Bard of The Year, Wildboar
What is Hardy Doing???

Have some beer than I can perfom better music

The Whip Iced China Doll

Slow-Arse Shitting While Drinking, same time.

I wonder Y This Puduku Keep Looking At Kwai-Lo?

Music Ranger's Live Concert

Poor Hardcore On Ice Ice Baby
The Hare, Chopstick On Ice

Blooming Florist & GM

Older Version of Michael Jackson
Come Come Baby, I have 2 Coconut Kernel

Fly FlyFly, We Believe We can Fly

Public Sex?

Hi Coconut Boy, Pa Pa Love U ah..

We are OLD, but we are STRONG!

How Nice If Every Woman Sit Like Me

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gold Kuntz's Run @ Furukawa

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coming Soon KH4 @ Sepang A1 GP Racing

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happening During Annie's Run

The Happy Virgin Hare - Annie Lee

The Happy Hare (Right) Annie Lee and her Hasher

Annies Run.

Due to festive season a small crowd of 30 die hard hasher were at run site,with the earliest none other than our JM kwailoh. Romping around run site and giving direction on what to be done and so forth. Quietly coming over to yours truly and demanding that I be the mysterious whip.

Due to immense pressure of calling On!On! he started the run which was according to slow ass 4 minute early therefore the pack was reluctant to follow but yours truly urge the crowd to move along.

Run started with a slow walk along the road leading to Mt.Kiara and turn left just as we were to reach school. Up the gentle slope we climb and upon the open ground I could a group lead by none other than loud cock deviating from the main pack and taking a stroll by themselves, anyway up we climb till we hit a pond down the hill to our first check. Everyone was running around in circle trying to break the check alas it was broken and lead to a water tank hill.

From the water tank it leads to our very old hashing runsite of Sri Hatamas and it was here that yours truly bump into loud cock group. They were arguing which was the best and nearest to home. From here the hare brought us up to hill over looking the whole of KL, the whole pack had a good look and 3rd check was down the slope. Easily broken by front runners as there were simply too many runs being set here.

Here on the papers leads to our home stretched down the hill on to the tar road and further down towards the horse stable. It was here that the hare diverted to the right instead of going through the stable. This long stretch of home run via the side road to TMN TUN was really a bit boring and long run as it was dark. Till I hit beer wagon around 7.45pm. As for the front runner clock in at 7.30pm and the last runner came in at 8.15pm and the Hare filled our stomach with PORIDGE and watermelon AND CATERED GOOD NASI LEMAK. Our appointed JM Kwailoh took the box and circle was call. On! On!.

Happy Hashing Folks

Scribe By: Messy

Virgin Hare Annie, RSC No Man’s Land

Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Party in Seremban

Last month on 25th of October, Saturday afternoon at about 4pm, I am lashing down to Seremban to visit my hash buddy Mr. Puduku for his son’s 21st birthday. Big party is going on and plenty of chilled beer is waiting! I am the earliest to turn up and found that every thing is not geared up yet and Mr. Puduku notice me, he just scuff his head and said, ”Bro, we are still preparing, just help yourself, and treat youself a cool beer…”

I grab a cooool beer from the fridge and started to have my own drinking session, both husband and wife are busy decorating and setting up all the necessary things ready for celebration that night. He turned on the hi-fi and played some good everlasting oldies for my drinking pleasure while I am waiting for other buddies, the Kwai-Lo and Chinglish to arrive…

At about 6pm, a few more turned up and my buddies, Kwai-Lo and Susan Chinglish arrived, we started to cheers together and chat about our hashing adventure experience and so on…

More and more guest come pouring in while times passed, the dinner served early at about 7.30pm and an unlimited flow of alcohols like beers, whiskey and wine. We did not take much food as our stomach is filling with liquid diet “all night long”.

I left early to home and Kwai-Lo, Chinglish stayed a night in Serembam, they will visit the yachting marina club the next morning with Mr. Puduku and “100 Plus” before heading back to Kuala Lumpur.

That night was so wonderful and met a lot of hashing friends from other chapter too. An enjoyable and a memorable evening in Seremban!

On On.

Birthday Party @ Puduku's Home

Friday, November 7, 2008

Next Week I Will Be in Action...